Hello there! I’m mokagio and this blog is all about me trying to learn new stuff, being it coding, languages, cooking, history, whatever… but I’m afraid it will be mostly about coding.

I’ll set this up to have a place where I can store all the new things learned and where others can hopefully find something useful.

I’m a game developer wannabe and currently my only indie game is You Are. At the moment I’m working as an iOS developer for Memrise on a secret project that will change the world.

If you enjoyed this blog the biggest present you could do me is to get You Are and send me a feedback about it. If you happen to be in London I’ll gladly offer you a beer 🙂

About mokagio

I'm a mobile infrastructure engineer at Automattic. When I'm not playing with my kids or working, I like reading and writing, both software and words. Currently writing a book on Test-Driven Development.

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