Brownies by Mistakes – Attempt 2

So last weekend I made brownies again. The result of attempt 1 was way better than I expected so I decided to see if it was just luck or if the recipe I accidentally created by mixing a couple found online was actually good.

This time I used half the size of the ingredients, except for the white chocolate chunks which didn’t look enough to me last time. I also used the same oven container, to have thinner brownies. The results were positive, but I made other mistakes, and repeated some of the old ones!

Mistake number 1: Always check what you have home before going to the super market. Specially if you don’t live by yourself
Yep… I forgot to check the sugar already. I finished it last time, and I assumed it was still like that, but my flatmate bought new one. Not that having a spare pack of sugar is a bad thing, but it could have been avoided

Mistake number 2: Weight your ingredients before starting… and prepare all the rest as well!
I weighted everything on front but… I forgot to cut the chocolate to pieces, which is something that’s not as fast as you’d expect.

Mistake number 3: Don’t Facetime your mom while you should focus on making brownies.
To be fair, my mom Facetimed me. Anyway, speaking with her I forgot to add the eggs one by one, which provides a better meshing, and to keep track of the time I put the dough in the oven.

The mom call had a positive contribution though. Here’s a power tip: cut the exceeding paper before putting it in the oven. Ok maybe it’s not such a power tip, but I didn’t thought about it…

Mistake number 4: Don’t cool them down in the fridge
There are many post on how to cool down brownies quickly. I tried to put them in the fridge after a couple of hours after taking them out of the oven. Mistake! All the tips are for people in a rush. I was in no rush, in fact I went to bed and left the brownies in the fridge all night and part of the morning. They ended up being not as softy and gluey as they were supposed to be.

Here’s the only picture I took of them, we ate them pretty quickly!

2013-06-23 12.24.28

That’s all for now. I’ll probably let the brownies rest and try something else next time.

About mokagio

I'm a mobile infrastructure engineer at Automattic. When I'm not playing with my kids or working, I like reading and writing, both software and words. Currently writing a book on Test-Driven Development.

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