Brownies by Mistakes – Attempt 1

The other day I accidentally ripped my girlfriend’s curtain trail off the wall. To be forgiven I had to make brownies. I never made brownies before, but I’m always up for learning something new… In this post I’m not gonna write how to make brownies, or copy one recipe from a site better than mine. Surely if you’re reading this you’re able to use Google to find a proper recipe. Or you are my mom. I’m gonna write about the mistakes I made, so that may be I won’t make them again, and you will avoid them. Brownies #1

Mistake number 1: Always check what you have home before going to the super market
I was sure I had plenty of sugar, turns out I hadn’t! Lucky enough one of the recipe (see mistake number 2) I followed recommended two types of sugar, so I had some sugar anyway.

Mistake number 2: Follow a recipe, only one!
Since I never made brownies before I read many -I’m joking, just 3- different recipes before starting. But then when I was making them I kinda mixed two of them, not really smart. Next time I’m gonna stick to one and one only.

Mistake number 3: Once in the oven they’ll grow…
I had prepared a nice rectangular tin, but when I put the dough in it looked too big for it. I was scared I’d had to spread it so much that the result would have been too thin. I was wrong! I didn’t know it would have grown during the cooking, so I just put it in another smaller circular tin. It ended up being 1.5 times taller than I expected…

Mistake number 4: …and the center grows more than the sides!
Yep! I should have expected it…

Mistake number 5: Weight your ingredients before starting
Weighting things should not be done in a rush, as you want to be precise. Also it can take time. If I’d front measured all my ingredients all the brownies making process would have been smoother.


How they were supposed to look:

How they actually looked:

2013-06-15 10.42.38


Anyway we ate them in the end, and… surprise! They were actually quite good! Girlfriend and flatmates were all pleased by the result. The only explanation I can give myself about the outcome is that I followed a tip of a cake lover friend of mine: “Don’t be afraid to use butter. Butter makes everything better”

Now that I set the bar the only thing I can do is keep experimenting to push it higher. Stay tuned!

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I'm a mobile infrastructure engineer at Automattic. When I'm not playing with my kids or working, I like reading and writing, both software and words. Currently writing a book on Test-Driven Development.

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