Hello World

This is probably my tenth attempt to write a blog, but this is not a blog. This is just a place where I’ll put new stuff I’ll learn and discover.

After dropping out of school I found out that learning is a wonderful experience, and the more you learn the more you want to learn next. This ends into a circle of increasing awesomeness that can really improve your life. Besides it’s sicentifically proven ( I’ll add some references here ) that learning keeps the mind healthy.

I could write more, but I’ll stop here. This post is probably irritating and boring already. I just hope that you’ll enjoy what I’ll put in my moka.

Also, I opened the same blog on Tumblr, but I still have to figure out which one I prefer to use…

About mokagio

I'm a mobile infrastructure engineer at Automattic. When I'm not playing with my kids or working, I like reading and writing, both software and words. Currently writing a book on Test-Driven Development.

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